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cooperative preschool in Oregon city near Canby, Molalla, Mulino, Beavercreek
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About Carus

Carus Preschool Auction March 5th!

Annual Auction is March 5th and tickets are available for purchase.

We have two spots currently available in our T/Th Am class. To enroll your student(s) please email

The goal of Carus Preschool is to provide a balance of experiences for preschool children to promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. At Carus Preschool we offer children a positive first school experience. Our carefully chosen curriculum supports preschoolers’ academic and social growth in an environment where self-esteem development is paramount. We highly encourage you to call and schedule a classroom visit to see for yourself why children flourish at Carus Preschool!

At Carus Preschool we strive to provide a high-quality program while maintaining affordable rates for families.

We are proud to offer two options for our families: Traditional Slots and Cooperative Slots. $80 non-refundable registration fee is required. Families choosing a Cooperative Slot pay a lower tuition rate each month in exchange for committing to helping in their child's classroom 2-3 days per month. Having parents assisting our teacher in the classroom means a high adult-to-child ratio which makes small group and individual instruction possible. Families choosing a Traditional Slot pay a standard tuition rate and have no classroom helping commitment.This is an ideal choice for families that are unable to regularly volunteer in the classroom due to having younger children in the home to care for, or because of work schedules.

Carus Preschool is a member of the Parent Child Preschools of Oregon (PCPO)

Carus Preschool admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic background.

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