Carus Preschool

"Carus Preschool is devoted to getting kids socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten by using play-based learning and conflict resolution strategies."


Play Based + Kinder Prep

We are a play based, co-op kindergarten prep. We not only focus on their academics, but we also focus on their social and emotional development to ensure that they are ready for their transition to Kinder. We offer a reading program for students who know majority of their alphabet and fun math problems for those who recognize number 1-10 and can confidently count to 20 and ready to move on to the next level.

Our Mission

The purpose of Carus Preschool is to really focus on the social and emotional development in the preschoolers. We would love for all of them to be able to advocate for themselves with adults that are not their parents/guardians and with their peers. Along with that we work hard to meet each student at their academic level and to spark their curiosity for learning.

Cassidy Rash

Owner & Preschool Teacher

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